For self-publishers!

Don’t risk compromising the quality of all your hard work by not budgeting for an editor and proofreader. An editor will craft your manuscript into a professional publication before layout. A proofreader will ensure that after layout there are no errors that may have been missed and those pesky ‘orphans’, ‘widows’ and misalignments are rectified.

I’ve seen many manuscripts in the self-publishing arena that authors felt didn’t need editing or proofreading. A spell-checker or a friend are not equivalent to a professional in this field. As an author, you have invested time, expense, energy and emotion into creating your book, your baby. Don’t get pipped at the post and decide to skip the vital last steps. There are many qualified people who can help and they don’t cost the earth!

My comment of the day

Don’t forget the reader absorbs information, moods, emotions more readily when sentences are not only well-crafted, but not overly long. Especially in corporate writing, sentences have a tendency to transform into lengthy diatribes that bore and prevent dissemination of information!

Editorial tip

To quote one of my favourite books “Fowler’s Modern English Usage”:

I found a very amusing entry in this fascinating title. You might enjoy it too.

“Disgustful was formerly common in the sense disgusting, but has so far displaced by that word as to be a needless variant and is now only used jocularly.”

Well, thank heaven for that, I say!