The Long and the Short of it!

The Long and the Short of it!
I know I’ve said this before, but it keeps hitting me between the eyeballs. Why do we insist on long sentences in corporate or business writing? Is the purpose to hide the real point by attempting to weave a cloak of confusion so the reader is bamboozled. Or does the writer feel that simple sentences mean they (the writer) is a simpleton?

Bad Behaviour

S H Burton wrote in “Mastering English Grammar”:

The particular kinds of word behaviour that a particular language demands are what we call the grammar of that language.

Correct grammar is not the icing on the language cake. It is part of the cake itself and an essential ingredient of efficient communication.

When grammar breaks down, sense breaks down.

Beautifully put …

The en dash – a poor cousin?

Some grammarians look down on the en dash, but I say it’s a much maligned little beauty and not at all a sad apology for good punctuation. Used well, it’s a real cracker. In fact, as you can see by the name of my business, I really do love the en dash, with a space before and after, of course. However, em dashes take up too much space! (I couldn’t neglect the more sturdy ’em’ in my business name, though!)