Breathless Business Writing

Business writing must be succinct and to the point. What it doesn’t have to be is burdened down with long, ‘breathless’ sentences. A paragraph of 10 lines or more without a sentence break is a frequent occurrence that I come across in my work.
Business writers: your subject matter is by its nature dense and intense; you can make it more understandable if your paragraph construction is built properly. Please remember that your reader has to come up for some oxygen sometime or other. We can absorb more information with an ‘oxygenated’ brain, so it’s best to break up those long-winded sentences.file000565811698


A while ago I wrote a post on the importance of good succession planning for any business, no matter what size. Another major point is to have a ‘blow-by-blow’ status document of particular projects the exiting person is working on, not just a general overview of tasks. For example, if it is a magazine, each component on the flatplan needs to have a status document with relevant contacts. Is the story commissioned; who is writing it; what is the deadline; has it client approval; and so on. The new employee who is then responsible for completing a publication knows exactly what has been done and what needs to be done. The result: a smooth transition; no unnecessary stress; and a happy client.