For self-publishers!

Don’t risk compromising the quality of all your hard work by not budgeting for an editor and proofreader. An editor will craft your manuscript into a professional publication before layout. A proofreader will ensure that after layout there are no errors that may have been missed and those pesky ‘orphans’, ‘widows’ and misalignments are rectified.

I’ve seen many manuscripts in the self-publishing arena that authors felt didn’t need editing or proofreading. A spell-checker or a friend are not equivalent to a professional in this field. As an author, you have invested time, expense, energy and emotion into creating your book, your baby. Don’t get pipped at the post and decide to skip the vital last steps. There are many qualified people who can help and they don’t cost the earth!

3 thoughts on “For self-publishers!

  1. Hello

    I have written a poetry book – quite a while ago now.

    I was hoping you could quote me to see if you think it is a good idea to continue along the lines of seeing if I could find a publisher or I should re-think the idea.

    Thankyou for your time

    • Hi Jennifer
      Thank you for inquiry.
      Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to convince a publishing house to even look at a manuscript or poetry without going through an agent. And getting an agent is no easy thing, either!
      In my experience in self-publishing, we had many poets and authors who chose to self-publish because it was too difficult to get a publisher to take on the financial responsibility.
      The good news is that self-publishing is no longer the extremely expensive exercise it used to be.
      I suggest that you have your poetry edited (I can help you with that if you would like to engage me in the task), so all that is needed is to have it printed. I can point you in the right direction of a reasonably priced company who will have the book printed for you and manage that process. I can organise an inexpensive designer as well if you like to make the book print ready or you can go through the self-publishing company referred to earlier. Or you might prefer just to make an ebook (and/or).
      If you choose to print under 1,000 copies (which most do), then you will have to print in Australia, which is a bit more expensive than printing overseas. However, overseas printers won’t touch a job that’s not minimum of 1,000 copies. But it’s not too crazy expensive either.
      I hope this helps you.
      If you would like me to edit the poetry book for you, I would be delighted. I recently edited one for a guy who ended up self-publishing his work. (In order to quote you on the edit, I will need to know how many words. You can check this by going into the word count feature in the document – just in case you didn’t know that.
      Kind regards

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