The Apostrophe: friend or foe?

Despite decades of study including time spent at universities, writers and journalists often misuse the apostrophe. Here are six tips:
1. Use an apostrophe and ‘s’ to form the possessive case of singular nouns (a year’s work). [For plural nouns in the possessive case, use “two years’ work”.]
2. Same goes for the possessive case of indefinite pronouns (anyone’s guess).
3. Personal pronouns do not require an apostrophe (your/yours).
4. To form the possessive of compound nouns, make the last element the possessive (daughter-in-law’s cooking or daughters-in-laws’ cooking).
5. To show joint ownership, make the last name possessive (Mark and Jane’s villa).
6. To show separate ownership, make each name possessive (Mark’s and Ben’s hats).
Tell me if you like these and I’ll post some more …

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